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Nicosia outdoor market

We took a trip to the outdoor market this Saturday morning.  It is the way to get lots of veggies and fruit for not too bad of a price.   The one thing that is expensive on this island…wait…one of the many things that are expensive on this island is food.  So this is one of the ways the locals get around that.  Plus, you can get some really fresh stuff before it is sent somewhere else.

   dsc03602.jpg     dsc03596-1.jpg

You also get to see lots of fun things down in the old inner city. It always strikes us that this area of town is a major step up in life for many that live there… compared to where they came from. 



The Place

Every Thursday night NIC (Nicosia International Church) organizes a gathering for international college students and I began  ministering there a couple of weeks after our arrival.  It’s called “The Place”.  The evening consists of playing games (Connect Four is very popular), visiting and a short lesson from the Bible with a discussion time. A few of the countries represented are Zambia, Zimbabwe, China (they come for the table tennis), India, Cameroon, and Pakistan.  If has been fun (and also a little challenging: that is a lot of different cultures interacting) to get to know people from all over the world.  -DeAnn Indian friends dsc03589.jpg dsc03584.jpg dsc03587.jpg dsc03586.jpg dsc03583.jpg dsc03582.jpg dsc03590.jpg

Hello world!

chrisdeann.jpg Welcome to the first post of Chris and DeAnn Hertzog.  We are new to this whole blogging thing so please have patience with us as we work out the design, content, etc of our blog. 

We chose “Walking the Line” as the name of our blog not only because all 5 of us are Johnny Cash fans, but also because it describes our life.  Every day we walk the line between traditional and contemporary, American and European, European and Middle Eastern, European and African,  European and Asian, religious and secular, pastor and footballer.