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New (Old) Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of when Calvin and Joel were here.  Check out Flickr.  The water park is near Agia Napa.  We all had a good time, but only the brave (everyone but DeAnn) went down the big orange slide.


What a Vacation!

We had a wonderful time in Regensburg.  The Linders were great hosts and had a “grillfest” for us on Friday night.  All of our closest friends from Regensburg were there.  I was such a joy to see everyone again.  It was also nice for me (DeAnn) to spend an entire evening not feeling like I was making cultural fax paus at every turn.  The sun even came out and it was “hot” on Friday.  The kids swam and we didn’t even need to put on a sweater until the sun went down.  We ended up staying later on Saturday and grilling one more time with the Linders.  The weather was beautiful and we knew it would be awhile before we saw each other again. 

In the late afternoon we left for Reit im Winkl.  We arrived around 8 pm.  Lena was playing outside and came over to see Cali.  It was amazing that after a time away, they didn’t miss a beat and their friendship took right off like we hadn’t been away.  Philipp came out to play, too.  He and Colson played with his bow and arrow for a bit and then decided to shoot some goals with a soccer ball.  I was upstairs unpacking and making beds when the buzzer rang.  Cam went to get it and came rushing back saying Colson was hurt.  He came in holding his arm and was white as a sheet and felt nauseous.  I had him run cold water over it because we didn’t have any ice.  He laid down with it on a pillow.  Long story short, after having the pain keep him up Saturday night and not enjoying our hike very much on Sunday (for those of you who, at this point, are wondering why we didn’t go right to a doctor, please remember we are in an Alpine village and unless it is a super emergency there is really nothing that can be done on a Sunday) we took him to the doctor Monday morning.  Yes, it is broken and he has a cast.  He didn’t even get to go down the waterslide yet.  We did have lunch at the indoor pool restaurant though (great schnitzel.) 

German Holiday

We leave tomorrow morning for 2 weeks in Germany.  We will be visiting many friends and going to a wedding.  We hope to be able to post while we are there.  We are all very excited and hoping we haven’t forgotten too much German.

The Interns

Calvin and Joel left on Thursday after having spent 6 weeks in Cyprus.  When Joel asked me(DeAnn) if I would miss them I said, “Of course, you have been here 1/4 of the time we have.”  Our house is very quiet since they’ve been gone.  There were daily foosball tournaments, of which I think Calvin ended up to be the ultimate champion and also the recieved the award for most improved.  Colson held his own though and was always quick to remind them that he was just a 4th grader.  They were a great fit for the ministry here and with both families.  (Although sometimes a little too adventuresome for my liking.)  Check out the photos.

Bryan Adams Live in Cyprus

On Friday night we got to see Bryan Adams in concert.  Our new friends (thanks to an introduction by Rick) Sarel and Cheryl, treated us, Rick and another friend of theirs, to the concert in celebration of their upcoming 10th wedding anniversary.  We were even in the VIP section.  If you are close to our age, you might remember “Cuts Like a Knife” or “Run to You” and, of course, “Summer of ’69”.  He also sang a lot of great ballads for movie soundtracks.  The concert was great and we were blessed by the oppurtunity to step out of our day to day life and experience something special.  Check out the photos on Flickr.