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Four Things

This comes from an email my sister sent me.  I thought it would be fun to post it here and have anyone post your answers in the Comments.

Four things about me you may not have known.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

  1. Assistant manager of a movie theatre
  2. Electric toothbrush assembler
  3. Firearm assembler
  4. Physical Therapist aid

Four places I have lived:

  1. Fort Collins, CO
  2. Fort Wayne, IN
  3. Eureka, CA
  4. Horseshoe Ranch, Bakersfield, CA

Four TV shows I like to watch:

  1. Spongebob Schwammkopf (German version)
  2. Bob’s World
  3. Bizarre Foods
  4. Journeys to the End of the World

Four places I have been on vacation:

  1. Bavaria, Germany
  2. Bishop, CA
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. Pismo Beach, CA

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Samosas
  2. Chile Relleno
  3. Boston Cream Pie
  4. Lamb

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. In the mountains
  2. At a museum of art
  3. At a book store
  4. ?

Four places I like to shop

  1. Ikea
  2. Border’s
  3. Ikea
  4. ebay

Now, let us know a little about you.




Yes, that’s right, IKEA.  Today we went to IKEA.  I’m not sure if that means much to any of you, but it does to our family.  IKEA and our family have a special relationship.  IKEA was our first and most frequent babysitter in Germany.  Nearly half of everything in our house comes from IKEA. 

We were blessed by a friend who works at the new IKEA in Nicosia, by an invitation to Family Day.  We got a 10% discount on everything we bought, but that wasn’t the good part.  The good part was going some place so familiar.  After almost 7 months of new things it was a nice variation.  Even the meatballs tasted the same.

 The store officially opens next week.  We plan on going often.  Not only is it the only place we have found to eat out(even cheaper the giros), but the AC works great! 🙂