Busy, Busy, Busy

This last week  was a busy one.  That’s not a bad thing, though.  It is a blessing when ministry is a joy. Here are some highlights.

Last Sunday Chris had the whole service at St. Paul’s.  He even gave the sermon after being given a little more than 12 hours notice.  Sue called him Saturday night to let him know that she most likely wasn’t going to be able to do it due to helping a friend with a medical emergency.  That was followed by me (DeAnn) attending the All Island Church service and Chris delivering the kids to friends’ so we could head north to Famagusta to be group leaders and panel members for the Love, Sex and Dating Seminar Rick was giving at the Anglican church there.  The church is predominately Nigerian and meets in a beautiful 600 year old Nestorian church. 

Monday was my turn to cook for Alpha.  Some of the Zimbabweans had been asking about meatloaf (what is it? How is it made?) so that was the main item on the menu.  Side dishes were green-bean casserole (the one with the mushroom soup), mashed potatoes and a pasta dish just in case they didn’t like the meatloaf.  Peace made a salad.  The meatloaf was a big hit.  Everyone filled up fast with such a heavy meal.  We realized that we usually eat very low fat here.

Tuesday started with our normal breakfast team meeting at 7:15.  (I love breakfast meetings.)  Then it was off too help out my friend, Cheryl. I’ve started pushing her 2 month old baby, Shaun, on the foot path by her office while she gets some work done.  (Great exercise for me and a big help to her.)  At 6:30 in the evening is the Bible study I’m leading.  It is a real joy to get to know Renate, Madara and Cheryl better as we study God’s word together.  The night was finished off by a very cold game of futsol.  It was NIC vs. YWAM and I’m sorry to say that YWAM were the victors. (Only by one point.)

Wednesday is market day, so while the kids and Chris are at school I’m doing the shopping.  I have Guides (UK Girl Scouts) for 2 hours in the evening.  I volunteered just because they needed adults to be present, but I am really enjoying this time with time 11-14 year old girls.  Chris has futsol on Wednesdays too.  It is a great opportunity to build relationships with non-believers and to get some exercise and stress release.  Then I had a 9pm discipleship meeting with Renate.  We went to hear some live Greek music.  (And talk about Jesus.)

Thursday I was walking with Shaun again.  Two hours this time.  It is amazing how much more work it is to push a baby in a stroller than just walking.  I had forgotten that in the last 5 years.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with turkey sandwiches for lunch. I had the Place in the evening and organized the limbo for the game.  It was a lot of fun.  We even got the song off iTunes. 

Friday morning was the Iona service and breakfast.  Than it was time to turn my concentration to the house.  After a couple of hours the livingroom, diningroom and kitchen were back into a presentable state.  We had 21 students at youth group in the evening. We did the limbo there, too and it was a big hit.  Chris talked about being created.  This group is non-stop energy.  Rick, Chris and Marcus came over afterwards to share the pie with us.  We ended up have a dinner of leftovers and watching a movie also.

Saturday brings soccer.  Cami’s team had a practice and Colson and Calin’s team played the whites.  Colson scored an amazing goal. Their team won 5-2.  Their team is made up of British, Cypriot, Turkish, French and American kids and their coach is French.  I spent the afternoon getting dinner ready for the kids.  Chris and Marcus were back at our house for the evening.  Cali was at a sleepover birthday party.  Chris and I went to the enthronement of the new bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf. (Rick went also, that’s why has kids were at our house.)  It was fun to see Chris in his vestments with all the other priests and as I was seated near the front with the other preists’ wives I was filled with a sense of “how did I get here?”  God is always full of surprises. 

That brings us back to Sunday and African Worship Night, but I will save that for the next post.  Check out the photos on Flickr for the visual highlights.


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