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Pioneer Woman Interview

Remember a few weeks ago when I linked to her blog in a post about my previos life?  Well, now she’s made it on TV!


A Little Christmas Nostalgia

How quickly time passes.  Today Cami and Aunt Jen(DeAnn’s sister) celebrate birthdays .  Cami is now 12.  I won’t tell you how old my sister is because this is a biggy.  I’m thinking, “How is it that I have such an old sister and child when I am so young myself?” 🙂  I was thinking of my favorite Christmas song to post on the blog and the one that came to mind is “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth” sung by David Bowie and Bing Crosby.  My sister and I went crazy the first time we saw the video on “Friday Night Videos”.  I always think of my sister when I here it.

The song was performed on Bing’s Christmas Special in 1982.  I’m sure we saw the video either then or the next year.  That year David Bowie (who happens to be the same age as my mom) was 35 (which happens to be younger than both my sister and I are now)  and Bing Crosby was 79.

More Photos

I put some photos of the Monday night Alpha group on Flickr.

Oh, Christmas Tree

We decorated our tree last night.  There are no live Christmas trees here so we have a fake one.  It looks pretty good all decorated though.  Tabea, Cali’s friend from school who is German, stayed after church to help decorate.  We talked a lot about Christmas in Germany and everyone wished that it would snow.  Renate was also here.  She is like a member of the family now.  She is really fun and good with the kids.  They like to listen to hip-hop with her. 🙂