Progressive Dinner

Last night we had a progressive dinner for the students of Americanos College.  They won a contest at the Place for having the most students in attendance.  We hosted the main course.  I(DeAnn) decided to make pasta and it turned out to be almost as easy as I thought it would be.  I’m so thankful for Cami.  She cooked the last of the spaghetti and finished the sauce so I could go to the first course (salad) at Rick’s flat.  She did a great job cooking and Chris and the other 2 kids had the tables all set up and everything ready when we all arrived. 

We held a mini Foosball tournament.  It is such a blessing to have our own table.  Many different people have gotten many hours of enjoyment playing on it.  Colson and Emmanuel were the big winners, but it was a tough game against Rick and Ashkan. 

We finished up at Renate and Madara’s with a great dessert of chocolate fondue.  It was a great time for us to get to know the students better and for them to get to know us better, too. 


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