ACN and Prison Break

Last night was the final of the Africa Cup of Nations.  Egypt beat Cameroon.  We had our Cameroonian friends over and this time I was rooting for Cameroon.   I was not only disappointed that Cameroon lost, but that the whole thing was over.  Last week we had people over 3 nights to watch football.  It has been really fun. 

On another note, I started watching Prison Break.  I’ve been hearing about how great it is since we moved here.  The Zimbabweans love it and couldn’t believe I had never seen it.  I was interested in seeing it but I hadn’t made much of an effort, so last Monday night, after the football game, Daniel showed me an online sight where I could watch it.  So I started watching Tuesday morning.  All the guys had told me about staying up all night watching because they couldn’t wait to see what happened next.  I thought, “not me, I have too much to do.”  Well, I was wrong.  I watched 8 episodes the first day.  Now, a week later, I am through season 2 episode 16.  If you haven’t seen the show yet I recommend that you set aside a few days and get started.  Of course you have to start at the beginning or nothing will make sense. 


2 Responses to “ACN and Prison Break”

  1. 1 Tara February 17, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    Okay, not to be a downer, but I too was a FREAK about Prison Break – in the beginning. Not only was I cheating on my husband mentally every time Wentworth Miller (Michael) was on screen, but the show was so unique and edge-of-your-seat dramatic that I got sucked in with every episode. Season Two kept me interested for a while too, but it started losing it’s draw for me eventually. Considering that breaking out of prison is the premise of the show, I should have known that personally, I can watch people nearly getting caught, nearly escaping these ridiculous scenarios, and breaking in and out of various institutions only so many times before it becomes so unrealistic that even the lure of Wentworth’s gorgeous eyes seducing me on screen can no longer hold me. (Wow – do I sound a little obsessed?) I’ll be interested to see if you agree or dispute my opinion.

  2. 2 Chris & DeAnn February 18, 2008 at 10:00 am

    HI Tara, first I have to say “Happy Birthday.” Sorry I missed it. Hope it well.
    I agree with most of what you said. The first season was spectactular. The second one was ok because I still had hope that it would all turn out ok in the end, but the third season has been a bit depressing. I’m through episode 9 and should be caught up by the end of the week. If the series continues for years, how many prisons will they have to break out of?
    The thing I disagree with you on is Wentworth Miller. I think his lips are his best feature. -DeAnn

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