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Other Happenings

Last Friday night and the previous Friday night we showed “The Gospel of John” dvd at our house.  You can read about it on Rick’s blog here and see some pictures he took.  At NIC we had Domestic Workers’ Sunday.  I(DeAnn) had the honor of helping the ladies organize the service. You can read about it here and here on Rick’s blog. 


St. Hilarion Castle and Kyrenia

Last Tuesday was a national holiday here so we took the oppurtunity to take a trip across the line to the north.  We visited St. Hilarion castle.  It was in use during the 11th-14th centuries. The construction is amazing.  With cool breeze and beautiful views (and strategic views) and defendablity, you can see why the ruling families decided to locate on the highest mountain in the area.

After we finished there we drove along the coast for a bit.  Then we went to Kyrenia to get some ice cream. 

Check out the pix.

Cali’s Birthday Party

Because Chris was away on Cali’s birthday we decided to have the party after he returned.  It took us awhile to get organized but we finally did it.  She wanted to have her party at the bowling alley.  This was her present also.  We limited the number of guests to something that was manageable, three.  Everybody had a great time.  Chris was the champion bowler, as should be expected.  Tabea was the top kid.  Check out the pics on flickr. 

For My Sister

I (DeAnn) talked on the phone with my sister for the first time since my birthday.  I can’t believe we went so long without talking.  Even when I lived in Germany we would talk on the phone at least once a week.  I think the 10 hour time difference is on reason why its hard to connect.  The other reason is that we are way busier here than we were there.  Anyway, my sister couldn’t believe that I was really as busy as I say I am.  She said that I spend too much time watching videos on YouTube, like the ones I have here and here. So this video is for her.  I have actually been wanting to post it since I saw it the first time.  I liked the song right away and when I realized the singer is Johnny Depp’s chick and the mother of his children, I liked it even more.  Her name is Vanessa Paradis and the song is Dès que j’te vois. (I have no idea what she is singing about.)


Since my last post several days have passed.  The day before my last post was Chris’ birthday.  (I put a pic on flickr.)  Then he was in Israel for week.  While he was gone it was Cali’s birthday.  (I put pics on flickr.) She didn’t have a proper party so I still need to plan that.  My cousin Jenee’ had a birthday also and I didn’t send an e-card.  So, Jenee’, if you read this “Happy Birthday.”  We all thought of you but with Chris gone, I just wasn’t organized enough to get a card sent.  Sorry. (I also put a pic her pic on flickr.)

While Chris was gone we also observed Green/Clean Monday here in Cyprus, which is the beginning of Lent in the Orthodox church.  We had a picnic at the beach with Madara, Renate, Savvas and Cali’s friend, Tabea.  I wasn’t sure how warm the water would be so the kids didn’t have their suits with them.  But, I had forgotten that their first beach experiences were in California and the water in the Med is warmer in March than the water in Pacific in August, so they went in anyway.  (Check out the pics.)


When Chris and I bought our first house in Bakersfield there was beautiful, old camellia bush by the corner of the porch.  Grandma Erma loved it.  I did too.  I can hear her now saying how beautiful it was.  We only lived in that house 2 years, but the camellia was one of my favorite things about it. (The other thing was the grapefruit tree.)  The next owners of the house decided to take out the camellia and put in a palm tree.  I cried.

Now I have a camellia in a pot on the patio.  It is small, but beautiful.  When I look at it I always think of my grandma.  I miss her.  She is still living, but, at 82, she isn’t the same.  She lived around the corner from that house and used to come over all the time to visit and help me with the kids.  Now she lives in assisted living.  I hope they have a garden there with lots of camellias (and roses.)

(I put some pictures of my camellia on flickr.)