Since my last post several days have passed.  The day before my last post was Chris’ birthday.  (I put a pic on flickr.)  Then he was in Israel for week.  While he was gone it was Cali’s birthday.  (I put pics on flickr.) She didn’t have a proper party so I still need to plan that.  My cousin Jenee’ had a birthday also and I didn’t send an e-card.  So, Jenee’, if you read this “Happy Birthday.”  We all thought of you but with Chris gone, I just wasn’t organized enough to get a card sent.  Sorry. (I also put a pic her pic on flickr.)

While Chris was gone we also observed Green/Clean Monday here in Cyprus, which is the beginning of Lent in the Orthodox church.  We had a picnic at the beach with Madara, Renate, Savvas and Cali’s friend, Tabea.  I wasn’t sure how warm the water would be so the kids didn’t have their suits with them.  But, I had forgotten that their first beach experiences were in California and the water in the Med is warmer in March than the water in Pacific in August, so they went in anyway.  (Check out the pics.)


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