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Even More Pictures

Josh just gave me a disc of some of the photos he has taken during his visit.  I’ve posted some on flickr.


Easter In Cyprus

Today was Easter in Cyprus.  The Orthodox Church follows a different calender than the western church.  This year I(DeAnn) attended the Good Friday service of a nearby church.  I wasn’t able to get any good pictures but you can see some that Rick took here and some Josh took here.  Today at NIC we celebrated Easter for the second time and had a fellowship lunch/grill party after the service.  I did get some pictures of that.  Check them out on flickr.

Ghana Night

Last night at the Place was Ghana night.  There was great food and a power point presentation about Ghana.  Because it is Easter break now the kids were aboe to attend also.

Driving in Cyprus

One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome in moving to Cyprus was driving.  We were here three months before I was brave enough to get behind the wheel.  First of all, the driver is on the other side, so everything is on the other side (except the foot pedals, thank goodness.)  Still after more than a year of being here, I am sometimes gripped with feeling that I am going the wrong way on the wrong side of the street.  I am very thankful that has not been realityso far.  But I have also gained a lot of confidence and freedom in driving here.  Lets just say traffic laws are more of a recommendation (except for talking on a mobile phone while driving, which I learned first hand, unfortunately.)  I’m surprised that there aren’t more accidents.  Its like everybody understands that everyone else will be pulling out into traffic, running red lights, driving down the middle of the road parking where ever their car will fit.  So, I decided to write about all this because the other day I hit a driving in Cyrus on the other side of car milestone.  I parallel parked on a street in the old city.  I was so excited that I was successful that we took pictures.  Check it out on flickr.


Yesterday, the first day of Easter Break, we went to the north to Kyrenia.  Tinashe, who is from Zimbabwe, went with us.  It was his first trip out of Nicosia since he arrived in October.  The castle/fortress in Kyrenia is pretty cool.  Everybody was impressed by the dungeon with its graphic display of torture methods and true stories of who was imprisoned there.  There is also the remnants of the hull and cargo of a 2300 year old ship that was taken off the floor of the Mediterranean.  The castle/fortress is a great example of the architecture, etc of the various occupying forces that have been in Cyprus.

Some Photos

I just added a few photos to flickr of some recent events.