Back to Kyrenia

Yesterday we were back in Kyrenia.  This time Chris stayed at home for sermon prep and the  Alpha course he is leading at the prison.  That left me to drive (which turned out ok.)  The trip came about because Cami wanted to stay the night with her friend that lives in Kyrenia so I said I could drive her over.  I wanted to make the most of the trip so I invited a couple of students, Pam and Junaid, to join us for the day. 

So, after an hour long wait at the border (because of the holiday, May 1st is Labour Day) we arrived safely at Kyrenia and met up with Cami’s friend and her dad.  We left Cam with them and went out for some good Turkish food.  I’m not sure why, but it is actually affordable to eat out in the north.  The same meal on this side would have cost at least twice as much. 

After lunch we visited the Kyrenia Castle.  Pam and Junaid hadn’t been before and its such a cool castle it wasn’t a problem for Colson, Cali and I to see it again. 

Of course, we took lots of photos.  Check them out on flickr.


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