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Saturday Soccer

Saturday Soccer has come to a close for the season and will start again in the fall.  This year Colson and Cali were both on the Red Team.  They had a losing season and some trouble along the way.  They made it throught though and will live to play another day.  Colson won the “Most Valuable Player” award for his team.



One of the things I(DeAnn) do but haven’t written about here is Guides, which is the British version of Girl Scouts. I’ve been volunteering there every Wednesday for the entire school year.  Always short of helpers, Kath, the Anglican Dean’s wife asked me if I would volunteer to just at least be there so they would have enough adults present to hold the meetings.  So I said I could do that. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  These girls are from the wealthier British ex-pat community and I hadn’t had any experience with them.  But girls are girls all over the world.  And these are no exception.  They have hopes, dreams, struggles, and self-esteem issues.  As I was helping with a craft or activity I found that my main job every week was just to listen.  They needed to tell someone about what was going on at school, with friends, etc.  I have really enjoyed getting to know these girls and will continue to work with them next year.

Last week was the final meeting until school starts in the fall.  The girls decided they wanted to have a Mexican party.  I made refried beans and Mexican rice and helped the girls make a pinata.  They had never heard of a pinata before.  We made one out of paper mache’ and the girls decorated it.  Check out the photos on flickr of the fun. 


Cami’s 6th Grade Graduation

At the kids’ school they have a promotion ceremony when the students move from the primary school to the secondary school.  So last Friday night Cami was officially promoted from 6th grade into 7th (or 1st prep as they call it here.)  The program was very nice.  Chris put together a power point slide presentation of pictures of the students.  Because of the transitory nature of life here there was only one student out her class of 18 that had started at the school in 1st grade.  Cami was at the school for a year and half.  She actually went to this school longer than any other school in her 7 years of formal education.  (She was at the Reit im Winkl school junst one month less.)  She is an amazing kid and has developed great skill at adapting to new situations.  We are very thankful that she will be able to attend the same school next year.

Check out some pictures on flickr.

Colson’s Birthday

Last week we celebrated Colson’s birthday with a trip to the water park.  He invited two of his best friends, Jack and Marcus, to go with us.  It was a super day.  It wasn’t too hot or too windy  and the lines for each slide were short.