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DeAnn’s Birthday Party

My (DeAnn) birthday was last Tuesday, but my party was the Saturday before.  All the better for the surprise.  My friend Suzanne was the main organizer, but many of my friends helped out to pull off the surprise.

I actually had no clue that anything was going on until Saturday morning.  I was confused when Gosia (you can see her in the pics on flickr) said that she would see me that night when we were leaving soccer.  I gave her a strange look so she said it again. Then it hit her and she said “oh no, it was a surprise!” I was very surprised.

What I didn’t know was the extent of the surprise or how much work had gone into preparation and logistics.  There were close to 50 people there. They had worked it out so that the prayer meeting would be at our house so all of those people would already be there. Then after the meeting many more of my friends who had been waiting across the street at the church came over.  It was so amazing to see how many people came.

Suzy, Katie and Carys had worked for days to prepare all the food. Fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, beans, pico de gallo. Making Mexican food for 50 people might not be that difficult in the States but here it takes a super human effort.  I hope they understand how much their effort means to me.

How old am I? Even the partygoers don’t know the truth.  The girls forgot to buy candles so we looked around our cupboards to see if we had any.  I found a number “7” candle and said that would be fine. Then someone else found 3 regular birthday candles and stuck them in.  So those who didn’t already know assumed I was turning 37.  The surprise will be on them next year when I celebrate my 40th.

There was a lot of dancing and foosball playing that night. Everyone had a great time.  And I was blessed in many ways. 

Be sure to check out the photos on flickr.