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Merry Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with almost 100 people from around the world.  Every year NIC has a potluck lunch at the church hall. It is great for all the students, domestic workers and refugees who would otherwise be alone on Christmas.  We are thankful that God has provided us with this amazing church family. I(DeAnn) was in charge of decorations and general organization.  Thanks to Cami and Suzy for all their help and to Christie and Madara for helping organize the kitchen.  We were needlessly worried that there might not be enough food, but as usual, God provided an abundance, including 3 turkeys (although we did run out of gravy.)

Check out the photos on flickr. And click here for a link to Rick’s blog  where you can find a video of everyone.


Christmas and New Years

We have just survived our first Christmas and first New Years in Cyprus.  I say survived because celebrating major holidays for the first time in a new country can be quite stressful.  When/where do you get the tree? When do you set it up?  Who do you give gifts to?  What kind of city activities are there?  Kids’ school program?  Mailing gifts to the States?  How many nuts are there in a Christmas pudding? 

We navigated all of these issues and come out the other end.  We bought an artificial tree that was both affordable and not too bad looking.  The greatest thing about artificial trees is that the branches are all strong enough to hold the ornaments.  The top of our tree was not strong enough to hold our star though.  It wasn’t a problem because our African angel that Aunt Jennie gave us a couple of years ago fit perfectly. We set the tree up on the 2nd and we took it down yesterday so it had a good long run.  Gift giving turned out fine.  We sent 2 boxes to the States, which thankfully arrived before Christmas. Unfortunately none of the boxes sent to us from the States did.  We learned that priority in one country might not mean priority to another.  The kids’ school program was great.  I never even yawned.  Store bought Christmas puddings don’t have enough nuts in them to make me(DeAnn, I have a bad nut allergy) sick.  There were also several things going on in the city but we really didn’t have time to see much.

To ring in the new year our family went down to Ledra Street for the fireworks.  It’s great that the kids are old enough to stay up now and we aren’t stuck at home.  The street and the square were packed with people 99% of them were foreigners like us.  The fireworks were fun.  We came home and the kids started a Pirates of the Caribbean  movie marathon that ended half way through number 1.  They finished that one and the next two the next day.

A Little Christmas Nostalgia

How quickly time passes.  Today Cami and Aunt Jen(DeAnn’s sister) celebrate birthdays .  Cami is now 12.  I won’t tell you how old my sister is because this is a biggy.  I’m thinking, “How is it that I have such an old sister and child when I am so young myself?” 🙂  I was thinking of my favorite Christmas song to post on the blog and the one that came to mind is “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth” sung by David Bowie and Bing Crosby.  My sister and I went crazy the first time we saw the video on “Friday Night Videos”.  I always think of my sister when I here it.

The song was performed on Bing’s Christmas Special in 1982.  I’m sure we saw the video either then or the next year.  That year David Bowie (who happens to be the same age as my mom) was 35 (which happens to be younger than both my sister and I are now)  and Bing Crosby was 79.

Oh, Christmas Tree

We decorated our tree last night.  There are no live Christmas trees here so we have a fake one.  It looks pretty good all decorated though.  Tabea, Cali’s friend from school who is German, stayed after church to help decorate.  We talked a lot about Christmas in Germany and everyone wished that it would snow.  Renate was also here.  She is like a member of the family now.  She is really fun and good with the kids.  They like to listen to hip-hop with her. 🙂