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Merry Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with almost 100 people from around the world.  Every year NIC has a potluck lunch at the church hall. It is great for all the students, domestic workers and refugees who would otherwise be alone on Christmas.  We are thankful that God has provided us with this amazing church family. I(DeAnn) was in charge of decorations and general organization.  Thanks to Cami and Suzy for all their help and to Christie and Madara for helping organize the kitchen.  We were needlessly worried that there might not be enough food, but as usual, God provided an abundance, including 3 turkeys (although we did run out of gravy.)

Check out the photos on flickr. And click here for a link to Rick’s blog  where you can find a video of everyone.


Prayer Meeting

I (DeAnn) attend a prayer meeting every Saturday night.  Saturday before last we hosted it at our house.  It was amazing.  30 people attended, which is the most ever.  I kept thinking of the loaves as the fishes as people kept arriving and chairs kept appearing :). What a blessing it was to have our house literally packed with believers praising God.

ACN and Prison Break

Last night was the final of the Africa Cup of Nations.  Egypt beat Cameroon.  We had our Cameroonian friends over and this time I was rooting for Cameroon.   I was not only disappointed that Cameroon lost, but that the whole thing was over.  Last week we had people over 3 nights to watch football.  It has been really fun. 

On another note, I started watching Prison Break.  I’ve been hearing about how great it is since we moved here.  The Zimbabweans love it and couldn’t believe I had never seen it.  I was interested in seeing it but I hadn’t made much of an effort, so last Monday night, after the football game, Daniel showed me an online sight where I could watch it.  So I started watching Tuesday morning.  All the guys had told me about staying up all night watching because they couldn’t wait to see what happened next.  I thought, “not me, I have too much to do.”  Well, I was wrong.  I watched 8 episodes the first day.  Now, a week later, I am through season 2 episode 16.  If you haven’t seen the show yet I recommend that you set aside a few days and get started.  Of course you have to start at the beginning or nothing will make sense. 

Living the Multicultural Life

I had haggis with Scots on Wednesday night.  On Thursday night I played musical chairs and limboed with Chinese students (and Arabs and Europeans and Africans.)  Friday I had coffee with an American friend who is married to a Cypriot.  Friday night I attended the ecumenical prayer service at the Catholic church and sat next to a German acquaintance (and spoke German) and ran into my French friend and a lot of British people I know. 

afr-cup-logo300.jpgI rushed home to host an African Cup of Nations football party and game night.  I played Apples to Apples with Latvians, Zimbabweans, Americans and an Iranian.  (On a side note we mixed together our regular and Bible sets.  The greatest play was “God the Father” for “Cosmopolitan.”)  Saturday I took the kids to play football at the UN.  I chatted about table tennis with a South African and talked about French hip-hop, among other things, with our kids’ coach who is French. (He agreed to translate “Ghetto Millionaire” for me.)  Then it was home to get ready for the next ACN party.  Chris said it was like we were in college again, cleaning up from the previous night’s party to be ready for that night’s party.  I was excited because our Zambian friend was coming over to watch the Zambia v. Cameroon game.  We also had five others return from the previous night plus added a couple more Zimbabweans.  Unfortunately, the outcome of the game wasn’t what we would have liked.  Zambia lost 1-5.  The good news is, we know a lot of Cameroonians also.   Then, this morning was church.  I’m always awed when I’m singing “How Great Thou Art” with people from almost every continent.

DeAnn’s Birthday

We celebrated by having cake with the whole church, then we went out to lunch at a really great restaurant called Zebra.  Check out the pix on flickr.

Progressive Dinner

Last night we had a progressive dinner for the students of Americanos College.  They won a contest at the Place for having the most students in attendance.  We hosted the main course.  I(DeAnn) decided to make pasta and it turned out to be almost as easy as I thought it would be.  I’m so thankful for Cami.  She cooked the last of the spaghetti and finished the sauce so I could go to the first course (salad) at Rick’s flat.  She did a great job cooking and Chris and the other 2 kids had the tables all set up and everything ready when we all arrived. 

We held a mini Foosball tournament.  It is such a blessing to have our own table.  Many different people have gotten many hours of enjoyment playing on it.  Colson and Emmanuel were the big winners, but it was a tough game against Rick and Ashkan. 

We finished up at Renate and Madara’s with a great dessert of chocolate fondue.  It was a great time for us to get to know the students better and for them to get to know us better, too. 

More Photos

I put some photos of the Monday night Alpha group on Flickr.