Aunt Lisa

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  Chris’ sister Lisa visited us for a week in August.  It was kind of a surprise visit because she found out just 3 weeks before her arrival that she would be able to come.  It was a real blessing to have her here (and not just because she brought 100 corn tortillas with her.)  We had so much fun.  After she adjusted to the heat we visited manu parts of the island including Salamis, Aphrodite’s Rock, Ayia Napa and Polis. 

We met the Shook family at Salamis.  Karsyn Shook  is Cami’s best friend.  Karsyn was also in the States visiting family so we thought it would be fun for the families to do something together.  It was unbelievable hot there.

We stopped by Aphrodite’s Rock on the way to Polis.  It is said that this is the exact spot where Aphrodite was born from the sea.

In Polis, we visited a student friend from India.  He cooks at an Indian restaurnat there.  The owner of the restaurant is a very nice English lady who allowed us to take a ride on one of her boats at no charge.  It was quite an unexpected treat.  We all agreed that the area around Polis must be what they show in the promo ads for Cyprus.  It was really beautiful.  On our way home we stopped to encourage another student that was working in a restaurant in a small village near Paphos.

DeAnn and Lisa went clubbing in Ayia Napa (sorry no pictures) with a coupe of friends and had a great time.  The whole family went to Ikea to enjoy the a/c and cheap food.  We also  had friends over and grilled on our patio.

I think Lisa had a good time.  We miss her a lot. Check out the pix on flickr.


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  1. 1 Aunt Lisa October 2, 2008 at 6:29 am

    Yes, I had an amazing time! The summer there is no joke though. It made me appreciate being able to take long showers and flush toilet paper down the toilet. But the company made up for all of that and more.

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